Finding a Legitimate Home Based Business

If you do a search for home based businesses on the internet you will get hundreds of matches. However, actually knowing which of these are genuine businesses opportunities and which are not is not as easy.There are a number of factors you need to keep in mind when you are looking for a home based business. You firstly need to decide what you want to get out of a business. Many businesses offer a ‘get rich quick’ type scheme. In reality, most of us know that this is normally not possible. It is better to steer clear from those businesses that offer such a scheme. That type of advertisement is suggesting from the get go that it is not a legitimate business.However, do keep in mind that there are many successful entrepreneurs who have started their own home business and made thousands of dollars in their first month. The difference with this type of business is that it requires effort on your part. I think the ‘get rich quick’ type scheme suggests that the money is going to fall into your lap in the first few week. A legitimate home based business should have the possibility of you earning good money in your first month, but to do this you need to put in an effort.This brings me to my next point. Many home businesses require you to ‘qualify’ before you start making sales. By this I mean that a certain number of your first sales must be passed up to your superior before you are in a position to be making a profit yourself. A genuine home based business should not make you ‘qualify’ and give sales to someone else. It could even be argued that these types of home based businesses, although they claim not to be, are multi-level marketing businesses.In a nutshell, multi-level marketing is where, once qualified, you make money from the sales of the people underneath you. Despite some people being strong believers in multi-level marketing, I personally am not. I believe that a good home based business allows you to make your money yourself, not from other people.With home based businesses becoming more and more popular in this day and age, you can afford to pick and choose your home business very carefully. If you look closely enough you will find that, although very few, there are businesses out there that offer a 100% money back guarantee on their products. Research suggests that this is a very new revelation but a brilliant one. So many home businesses sell products that even the sellers have no real confidence in. For a company to offer a 100% money back guarantee means that the business has such confidence in a product that they are willing to give their customers their money back if the customer is not 100% satisfied with it. This in turn means for you that you can have the highest confidence selling your product which will make you a more successful entrepreneur.Lastly, I will talk about retirement plans. Again, it requires a lot of research because they are few, but some home businesses have a retirement strategy set up for you. This means that you can open your own business and depending on your level of success you can actually retire and be financially free within 2-10 or so years. This is a brilliant revelation.For a home based business that offers all of the above go to Wealth Discovery is a newer home business and was voted ‘top 2008 home based business’. The website listed above will tell you how to get more information on this website.

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